The Scary Scene


The Screenshot of this episode

The Story

You know that GoAnimate site? Yeah, that good WebSite, Some others say that they hate it, they say "GoAnimate? More Like GayAnimate! Get FLASH!" There was a video called Rob And Alex Lost episode, When it started Rob And Alex these babySisters, with Scheming face(Like it's gonna rape you) Their dad said "Rob, Alex, What are girls up to now?" When Rob said "Kill Time!" In demonic voice(You can have this voice for some scary videos), Their dad said "HEY! Put down that knife now!" Rob Threw the knife in the dad's Face and then he wheezed, and he was bleeding. Their Mom(Looks like alex) Said "GIRLS! I've had enough of your damn behaviour! I'm calling Child Protective Services NOW!" Rob said "You Can't get your innocence back! But the truth is you are going to die a horrifying death!" She picked the pistol, and shot her to mommie's belly, She was bleeding and she died. And Before faded, They said "Time To kill out sisters!". And the scene faded. Carrie said "Where's mommy and daddie?" "Mommy and daddie Can't help you Anymore, We just killed Them." And their litte sisters began to cry because they are mourning Mom and dad's death. And Then rob began to be mad, she said "HEY! STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW! THAT'S IT! PREPARE FOR YOUR IMMINENT DEMISE!"

And Rob killed their sisters Except Alex. Memy and jake came in. Memy said "Rob, Alex, What are you-"

Memy and Jake were shocked. Jake yelled out "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS CRAP?! DID YOU JUST KNOW THAT YOU ARE BABYSISTERS?!" Rob Said something about life "Life is meaningless. The truth is that you two are going to die a horrifying death." She Picked chainsaw, and then she killed Memy and jake.

Then a bloody scene appeared, popped out. After that, a scary scene appeared, Rob and alex's eyes were missing and alex said something about innocence. And they shot theirselves, static appeared and some seconds later there was a word said "Nekaltumas" Translated is Innocence. And then Rob and Alex appeared on my room and then she killed me With Chainsaw. The End of my Life.


I Was in the hospital. I was almost dead trough. A fucking coma was for 11 months.